Cher Webb

United Kingdom
Started in 2001

About The Artist

Senior Artist Cher Webb

delivers London grunge like no other. A proud devotee of kohl in all its guises, she prefers a worn-in look and believes makeup looks better a few hours after it’s applied. Her references are broad and eclectic, drawing on a life spent predominantly in London but covering travels across Europe too. Here she tells us about working in what she describes as the most ”unique city in the world,” while giving some tips on using her favourite products from the M·A·C range.

Strobe Light

“The first M·A·C product I fell in love with was Strobe Cream. I used it all over my entire body the summer I started working for M·A·C and it literally changed my life! I continue to use it as a highlighter every day. I also love Blot Powder. It’s a product people fall in love with instantly. I carry around three of each shade in my kit. The translucent texture is so incredibly lightweight and leaves the skin looking matte in a subtle way.”

Balearic Bliss

“I love Ibiza. It’s one of my favourite places with some of the most beautiful beaches. I like relaxed makeup and if I’m on holiday I want to be able to chill out. Plus I think makeup looks better slightly worn-in, after a few hours. If I’m away I’ll be sure to take a Coffee Eye Pencil and Smolder Eye Kohl; I like to mix the two. I use the Coffee all over the eyelid to carve a smoky round shape, and Smolder inside the waterline. Relentlessly Red Lipstick is a shade I can’t get enough of and allows me to transform my look quickly. Then, of course I couldn’t forget Studio Face and Body Foundation, Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base for my lips and cheeks and Extended Black Gigablack Lash.”

Going Grunge

“Phone Number Eye Kohl is a must-have for everyone. This oil-slick grey is the perfect alternative to black. You can use it to make a thin classic line or a blown-out smoky eye with a grunge edge. It is a versatile treasure that looks great on everyone! But right now in London it’s all about lips and lashes. This city is so diverse and there are so many cultures and unique fashions everywhere. People are confident to wear new makeup trends straight from the runway, which I find really inspiring.”

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