Gregory Arlt

United States
Started in 1989

About The Artist

Senior Artist Gregory Arlt’s

career begins on the streets of 1980s Los Angeles, where he became transfixed by the punks, new wavers and goths of Melrose Avenue. These days he opts for a quieter life. “My club days are long gone,” he explains, “so exploring and trying new restaurants or going to my tried and tested places make for a perfect night.” Still, a glass of Californian chardonnay accompanies nights spent at home, drawing, experimenting and trying out new ideas. His stellar career sees him head-up makeup teams for fashion week shows in Paris, Milan and New York as well as working with a roster of high-profile celebrities. It’s all about imagination, which Arlt believes can take you anywhere.

Club Kid

“In the 80s of course I had a fake ID and would sneak into all of the hottest clubs wearing more makeup than the women! I also liked to watch my two older sisters and my mother applying makeup. I remember looking at the Scavullo Women book my father showed me when I was eleven and being mesmerized by the shots of models. Also, being a child of the 80s I was obsessed with Boy George and Nina Hagen and I’ve been in love with Russian Red Lipstick ever since 1989.

Confidence is Key

“When I compliment someone and they contort and wrinkle up their face and say, ‘really?’ I always say own the compliment. You’ll be begging for them when you’re 90! Radiant and flawless skin is also my favourite feature on a person. It’s literally the canvas; everything (eyes, lips, cheeks) benefits from the skin looking as perfect as it can. I love to bring out the features using highlighting and contouring on the face. I honestly couldn’t live without Fix+, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 (need the sunscreen), Pro Longwear Concealer for under my eyes and Lightful Foaming Cleanser.”

Turn Back Time

“A massive career highlight was working with Cher. I used to beg my parents to let me stay up and watch her show when I was a kid and then I find I’m designing her makeup for her farewell tour and a few years later her Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace show! But I’ve loved my whole career. One client was disfigured due to a car accident and after I did her makeup she looked in the mirror and said she’d never felt more beautiful, which felt good.”

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